Isaac Muller, one of the recent participants in the Wellah Walks Kokoda program, a program sponsored by InTravel Group, reports back from his epic adventure.

On a cliff edge or above a raging river, running down a hill with your brothers in the rain or lying down on the greenest patch of grass, with vibrant butterflies, laughing locals and nothing but trees for as far as the eye could see. This was me, Isaac Muller, a proud Palawan and Wiradjuri man, in absolute paradise for ten of my best days.

I, along with twelve other adventurous individuals, travelled to Papua New Guinea to complete a nine-day trek along the Kokoda Trail. Following the footsteps of our heroic ANZACs, I found this hike to be more than an achievement. It was also about growth. The growth of our mind, body and spirit.

It was on this trip that we formed a bond with the local Kokoda support team, descendants of the ‘Fuzzie Wuzzies’, who supported our soldiers throughout World War II. These young men carried our extra baggage, both mental and physical. They were there to carry our packs when we couldn’t, sing songs when we were mentally struggling, and give a helping hand when we were falling. With hot meals every night, culture learnt around the fire, and a constant laugh to be had, these men became our Legend Boys.

The Kokoda Track is a place of pure magic, holding some of the most historical moments in Australia’s history. A place that must be respected in order to be completed and a place that would gift you with as much as you’re willing to receive. However, the slightest disrespect or lack of connection results in tumbling down majestic, but cliff-like mountains, or flowing down the crystal clear but raging rivers. This place can be the ray of sunshine that dries your saturated clothes or the scorching heat that runs you out of water.

Kokoda was my ray of sunshine, I learnt more about my strengths and weaknesses than I could of anywhere else. I got the motivation and support which has led me to writing this blog, a traineeship at a radio station and mentors that have motivated and supported me.

Wellah Walks Kokoda is so much more than a trip overseas, it’s a family. It’s the aunties and uncles that feed your spirit. It’s the friends that cheer you on when you’re struggling up a mountain, and it’s the foundation that reassures your ability to make any destination.

Through supporting companies like InTravel Group you’ll tackle any journey, even if your shoes fall apart on the second day, your water bladder burst on the third day or you run out of toilet paper with two days to go.

-Isaac Muller

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