Introducing Jay McCartney – InTravel Indigenous trainee

Where are you from and who is your mob?

I live in the western suburbs of Melbourne. My mob is Wotjobaluk – they’re in Horsham (300 kilometres north-west of Melbourne).

What were you doing before joining ITG?

I was trying out jobs in all sorts of industries – from hospitality to trade – but I could never find something I truly enjoyed and was passionate about. I wanted a place where I felt comfortable and I felt valued.

What drew you to work for ITG?

The main reason was the vision they had to develop young Indigenous kids in the travel industry. That was definitely what caught my eye originally. Then getting to know the team – and feeling the support within the small team – was awesome. There’s always someone there to support you in anything and that was a huge tick for me because I was looking for a job where I was not just a number in a massive organisation.

What do you hope to achieve in your travel career?

I was hoping that during my travel career and as I extend my knowledge over time I might be able to train future Indigenous employees of ITG to help them and ITG grow, and then I’d grow as well.

What’s your fave travel destination?

My favourite place to go to at the moment is Thailand – I love the weather and the people.

What’s your fave hotel in Australia?

I have two: one of my favourite hotels is Oaks, they’re an economically priced hotel with amazing services and really nice rooms. My higher end favourite hotel is Crown Promenade in Melbourne, the rooms are extremely nice and the service is even better… and it’s in a perfect location.

What’s the best travel tip you can share?

My best tip is just because you’re paying for the best doesn’t necessarily mean you will get the best. Sometimes going the cheaper option you can get a lot more for a lot less.

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