Australian companies are starting to focus their efforts on introducing local businesses into their supply chain to gain security of supply and support the local economy. This poses an opportunity for the Indigenous business sector alongside existing commitments of corporate social responsibility (‘CSR’) and Government Indigenous procurement policy.

So what can we do to ensure these objectives are reaching their full potential and supplier diversity becomes business as usual?

In addition to InTravel Group’s Immersive travel program where we help companies improve their CSR objectives, we want to contribute more by facilitating open and honest conversations about the challenges and opportunities facing supplier diversity in Australia.

Amy Crookes, ESG Services at Ernst & Young and Shaun Hodgins, Director of Resolve Procurement, joined us for InTravel’s inaugural virtual discussion where they share views and insights into how to improve supplier diversity. Topics discussed include:

  • The growth in supplier diversity in Australia over the last 10 years;
  • The impact and opportunities during and post COVID;
  • How purchasers and suppliers can work together to achieve supplier diversity outcomes;
  • How strong corporate leadership and business culture can support CSR;
  • Overcoming risk and perceived risk; and
  • What drives supplier diversity.

If you are a corporate, Government representative or an Indigenous business, click the below video and enjoy, or feel free to jump straight into the below areas.

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