Is your Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) generating real outcomes or simply ticking boxes?

As we are passionate about helping corporates improve their Indigenous engagement, through our immersion travel services, we love sharing examples of companies who are getting it right. One success story is ATCO, a global company with an Australian presence, who have 19 Indigenous owned businesses in their supply chain and are about to onboard another 12 in the next few weeks.

Check out a live case study discussion facilitated by our Director Dwayne Good, talking with Hamish Johnson Procurement at ATCO and Richard Tester Managing Director of Aboriginal owned and Supply Nation Certified Red Arrow Surveying and Planning.

Highlights of the ATCO and Red Arrow Surveying and Planning video

  • Top down approach, the culture and values that support supplier diversity
  • Box ticking vs outcomes such as employment, wealth creation, capability development
  • Focusing on the social outcomes and not fiscal targets
  • Being flexible and innovative with supplier diversity, overcoming perceived risk
  • Set asides and calving out portions of work to help suppliers gain capability

If you want to improve your companies supplier diversity outcomes, feel free to reach out for a casual chat or click here on our immersion services page for more hands on assistance.

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