InTravel Group is excited to announce that we have joined Australia’s largest and most influential independent travel buying network, CT Partners, who boast a combined turnover of 1 billion and growing  (

Being a CT Partners member gives us access to volume based negotiating strength, market leading travel solutions and stronger supplier relationships, in turn creating greater outcomes for our clients corporate travel programs.

The benefits InTravel Group and our clients can expect from this new relationship include –

  • Negotiating power -tapping into volume based negotiating power helps us pass on competitive supplier rates, pricing and value adds.
  • Accessible travel management solutions – collective procurement influence offers us easier access to market leading travel technology and solutions at a competitive price, this provides our clients with a wider range of solutions to improve their travel program.
  • Knowledge sharing – being part of a network of well established independent travel agencies means we are not alone. This group of industry leaders get together often to share ideas, challenges and opportunities. This level of knowledge sharing helps each member improve their business

To learn how InTravel Group can improve your corporate travel program please get in touch via or 1300 202 281 

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