At InTravel Group, our business position allows us to be agile and build the right solutions around our client’s travel programs. In this short video, Dwayne and Nina discuss how product and technology innovations are being used help our clients thrive in todays market.

Dwayne Good:

Hi there, I’m Dwayne Good. I’m the Managing Director and Founder of InTravel Group. InTravel Group is 100% Aboriginal owned. We’re a corporate travel agency. I’m popping on this quick video to talk a little bit about our technology and solutions growth. We have traditionally been a really good small boutique firm, but we have aspirations to grow. We’re the only 100% Aboriginal owned corporate travel agency in the market. We want to lead by example and create a well-known brand in the middle tier of the corporate travel market. And so for us to take that leap, we’ve identified and acknowledged what we have to do, and we’ve got to have the capability to do that. We’ve gone through a lot of change over the last 14 months, utilised the downtime wisely and invested in that growth. And part of that growth is having the right technology and the right solutions to suit SME’s all the way up to the middle tier end of the market.


Hi, I’m Nina and I’m head of the Product and Technology Solutions for InTravel Group. We’ve always got to be constantly reviewing, making sure we’re improving our product suite. We’re always looking at the best reporting tools, travel tracking tools, or even if we can give you a one-stop portal so you can have all the products here onboard with us, and you don’t have to keep on signing in. So we’re looking at always the best way to give you the customer journey that you want and designed your own. Our top three key priorities are productivity, cost of sale, and the customer experience. So with that in mind, we’re looking at various OBTs or online booking tools to launch into our market space, but also looking at other products that will actually enhance your customer journey along the way. We have solutions such as Serko Zeno which we’ve recently launched, which gives you a brand new customer experience, predictive analytics, and learns the way you book and some traveler tracking in there as well.

Dwayne Good:

With all this great technology and capability and our business position, we’re an incredibly agile company right now. We sit down with our clients and build the right systems around your program. It’s highly customised for small businesses right up to mid tier firms. If you want to learn a little bit about how we might be able to help, then please get in touch for a chat.

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