We are proud to announce that InTravel Group turns 7 years’ old this month. A huge thank you to our clients, past and present staff, and supporters, without you we would not be where we are today and have achieved the social outcomes that we have.

In 2014, Dwayne Good left his business development role at Flight Centre and founded InTravel Group, Australia’s first 100% Aboriginal owned corporate travel management company. The vision back in 2014 which continues today is to lead by example in the travel industry through the creation of Indigenous employment outcomes.

In our time we have partnered with hundreds of companies to help them travel around the country and the world. We have also hired, trained and developed many Indigenous Australians who have contributed to our growth.

So what does the next 7 years look like? We aim to grow by offering our services to more and more companies who align with our purpose. With this growth we will create industry leading customer service, solutions, and social impact outcomes that achieve true Indigenous excellence.

If any individuals or companies want to be part of the next phase of growth, please reach out

Email contact@intravelgroup.com.au and or 1300 202 281

Learn more about our brand and vision here on this video

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