About InTravel Group

100% Indigenous owned and managed boutique travel company.

Our Vision is to lead the way in the travel industry, to create a brand known for great customer service and true social impact outcomes.

The corporate travel industry is highly competitive, occupied by many travel agencies with comparable technology and pricing. InTravel Group positions itself in this busy market as a boutique agency that offers competitive pricing and solutions backed by truly personalised service. Personalised service in our opinion is that feeling of not being lost in the numbers, being valued and understood.

The travel industry has low participation levels of Indigenous Australians and our purpose is to change that by creating rewarding career paths for Indigenous people at InTravel Group and the industry as a whole.

About our founder, Dwayne Good

After an extensive and rewarding career within Australia’s largest travel company, Dwayne started his own boutique travel company because he recognised there was a huge gap in the market for a more personalised booking service – where clients are made to feel valued and appreciated – as opposed to feeling like just a number on a spreadsheet.

He also acknowledged the need to achieve greater outcomes for Indigenous Australians in the travel industry – something which has failed to be a focus within the industry.

Dwayne is a proud Bundjalung Aboriginal man and a highly sought after thought leader within the Indigenous business space. He is a strong advocate for the growth of the Indigenous business sector and has been involved in many social impact initiatives over the years.

Dwayne has sat on several boards including many Indigenous Chambers of Commerce and Supply Nation’s Indigenous Advisory Board.

If you want to see more of Dwayne’s advocacy work in the community, you can connect with him on LinkedIn.