Cultural Immersion Travel

What is an InTravel Cultural Immersion Program?

Our founder Dwayne Good is a strong advocate for positive social change for Indigenous Australians. He knows firsthand that local and global companies can support social change by implementing effective corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Hosted by Dwayne Good, our tailored immersion program helps companies achieve greater outcomes with their Indigenous engagement strategy. Centred around extraordinary, on-country Indigenous tourism experiences, our tailored Immersion program shares the right information required to improve your Indigenous engagement strategy. InTravel Group organise everything from go to wo, from your accommodation, transportation and immersion experiences, we are a one stop shop.

Who is the tailored immersion program for? 

Companies and their representatives who are either at the start of their Indigenous engagement journey or wanting to improve their impact outcomes.

How it Works

InTravel offers curated Cultural Immersion Programs individually tailored to our client’s needs. We look to understand our clients social impact journey, goals and future objectives. InTravel then works to create an enlightening Cultural Immersion Program that aligns and fulfils the desired corporate outcomes. A typical InTravel Cultural Immersion Program includes:

  • The curation of an informative agenda
  • Arrangement of all flights, transportation or accommodation
  • Venue hire
  • Catering
  • An educational immersive Indigenous experience.

InTravel handles all aspects of your program to create a seamless and enjoyable experience for you and your staff. The end result is engaged, informed and inspired staff who are better equipped to make change.