In Travel yarn with Beau Munn

March 29, 2019



Here we have a chat with Beau Munn, a Dagoman and Gurindji man who works as a Director of Indigenous insurance firm, Origin Insurance.



So, first things first, where are you and your mob from?

My mob are the Dagoman from Katherine, and Gurindji from Wave Hill region in the Northern Territory 
Tell us a little about growing up in community? What was it like and what did you enjoy about it the most?

The period I spent growing up in Katherine was amazing, especially having a big mob of family members there that you could catch up with and spin a yarn. I still love going back and being able to go fishing and spend quality time with family, especially my nan, mum, brother and sister.
We understand that you currently work for an Indigenous owned insurance firm, Origin Insurance. Tell us a little about this job and experience and why you think it’s important for other Indigenous people to give it a go as a career?
My job varies from day to day. From a management perspective, being involved in the growth of the business and colleagues we bring on board, and also a lot of prospecting and relationship managing of the prospects and existing clients. 
It is really important, as mentioned above, as this industry has not invested in Aboriginal representation of insurance professionals. And one thing in particular I am really passionate about is promoting this industry and getting more Aboriginal people in it. I want there to be more role models within corporate Australia that our young generation can look up to. As for me, growing up it was always sporting icons, which is great and I love what they are doing in this space, but I really want the younger mob that don’t or won’t go down the sporting pathway to really set their sights high within the corporate industry. And insurance is a great industry and for myself in particular I have been able to develop great relationships, travel Australia, even liaise with international markets and really grow my knowledge.
What was your motivation for getting involved in Origin Insurance?

I guess my motivation for coming onboard with Origin was really the passion to make a difference in this space. For myself, I ran my own business prior to this and when I came across Origin and got an understanding of what they were trying to achieve from a corporate and social aspect, I really couldn’t say no. They brought me on and, after a period, they appointed me as a director and shareholder, which I am incredibly grateful for. But I guess it goes back to my point of creating more role models and Aboriginal representation within this industry.
What has it been like working in the city and being away from Katherine?
Living and working away from the family has had its challenges through my life. Especially me going to school in Victoria and living with Dad, as Mum and my sister and brother still live in Katherine. It helps when I got to visit during school holidays and now being older, I can try to work more up that way with the business, which I can visit more regular. But the work life in Melbourne is definitely different, as I have never lived in a city, and what a city to start in! Melbourne is massive and daunting, but I am loving it now. But as I mentioned it is always good to get back up there, and especially now it feels like a privilege to see my family and spend time there.
What’s next for yourself in 2019, is there any news to share?
Next for me in 2019 is to focus on the growth of the business and continue to grow and create more opportunities through employment, but to also focus a lot on my growth as an individual and businessman. Some big news to share is that I am having my first child! My partner and I are stoked, as so too are the family, so a trip up north is due to get everyone to meet the little one.
Lastly, any inspiring words for the mob whether they’re young or old, business or sports sense, that they can take away?
Anything I can say to anyone reading is that the sky is the limit. No matter what anyone tells you, you never stop focusing on what means the most you. And for everyone that is different. If everyone was the same, it would be a boring world! You are brought into this world for a reason, even if that were to be an advocate for your mob, through business, through sport, through family, through anything you want to do! There is always a spot for you in this world! I suffered a lot from depression and anxiety and I always was self-conscious of what people thought about me, in terms of business and life, especially in the position I am in and at a young age. But the fear factor you have to block out and run your own race and do what most inspires you. Never let the doubters get you down and always keep pushing to be the best you can.


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